Workshops & Teaching

Storytelling is as old as we human beings are. But artist’s block can become a real obstacle in the path of productivity, confidence, and creativity. And, sometimes, stories and creativity can both hurt and heal as they take us through dark paths and uncover old wounds.


From one-hour workshop at corporations, to half or full-day workshops at literary festivals, to weeklong retreats in global locales, organizations/companies hire me to teach creative and business writing workshops. My workshops and teaching—where I blend yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation with writing—are unique:

  • I help cultivate a daily writing practice
  • I teach easy and quick tips to fight writer’s/artist’s block through holistic wellness
  • I explain the need to practice writing with devotion, kindness, and honesty using meditation and breathing techniques
  • I demonstrate the correlation between wellness and creativity
  • I share techniques to reduce stress and engage with the power of now
  • I teach the relationship between self-compassion, self-care, and productivity
  • I inculcate individualized healthy eating habits that enhance creativity

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“Sweta your words on mindfulness, gut and brain connection, words we can stand by 3 hours or 5 years later, were so helpful as I think about my practice.” Amy T. Paul

“Thank you so much, Sweta, for such a beautiful emotional and creative journey. You took us into the depths of vulnerability and helped us breathe through it, and I’m feeling so energized to write and create from that place of calm introspection now. Much more to learn, but thank you for your nuggets of wisdom!” Anjna Swaminathan

“Sweta has a very soothing and calm demeanor.  I always look forward to seeing her.  Her yoga classes are very rejuvenating, healing and grounding.  I highly recommend Sweta for any and all of your holistic needs.  She is a very special person and cares deeply for all she comes in contact with.” Marissa Beckett


“The combination of writing and yoga at the Panchgani Writer’s Retreat brings together a unique holistic practice, as led by Sweta Srivastava Vikram. Each morning begins with the setting of intentions, warm-ups and then concentrated movement — all of which (not so coincidentally) are fundamental to the work of creative writing! Whether I was on the yoga mat or drafting a poem based on one of the prompts, I felt focused, engaged and confident that my participation mattered. Working with Sweta in these physical and mental disciplines proved transformative. I am grateful for her gentle guidance, warmth and expert knowledge.” Allison McCarthy

“Studying writing and yoga with Sweta Vikram at the Panchgani Writers’ Retreat was such a joy. At the end of the week I went through the poems I’d written in class and realized that the yoga Sweta taught every morning had infused my writing in unexpected and amazing ways . . . every single day. I wrote things I never could have written without the loving guidance of Sweta. I feel very blessed to have worked with her and hope to do so again.” Jennifer Brown

“Sweta’s enthusiasm for sharing yoga’s healing benefits makes us grateful to have her on our team!” Amy Tobin, Director Exhale to Inhale