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Holistic Health Practitioner & Registered Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

I understand the unique challenges you face as a human being, employee, employer, entrepreneur, provider, parent, and partner.

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I have worked in the corporate world. I am an entrepreneur. I am a writer. I am a wife. I have faced and overcome health challenges. I understand how they take a toll on productivity and profit. I first-hand know what can happen when you neglect your health and wellness. What I’m saying is that I appreciate fully well how demanding and unpredictable life can be. Scarier still: Poor health impacts productivity directly and that negatively affects profitability. You could lose your next paycheck or the next promotion. Your loved ones. Your marriage. Your sanity. Your sense of self. Your purpose.

Do you feel exhausted all the time?
Is your self-esteem low?
Are you worried you might lose the next deal or be passed up for promotion?
Are things feeling rocky in your personal world?
Have you ever felt unattractive?
Are you second-guessing your abilities as a parent?
Are you unable to focus at work or at home?
Have you gained weight?
Have you been unsuccessfully trying to get rid of certain habits?

If you answered YES to even one of those questions above, we need to talk. Clients have shown to experience increased clarity, more fulfillment in their life and work, improved health, enhanced creativity, boost in confidence, better focus, and greater inner peace. And, no; I won’t suggest you start with 30 planks every day or 3-day juice fasts or meditate inside a cave or give up sugar for life. Let’s get real! You are busy, and I respect that. And a life of restrictions is not fun!

For you to be successful and happy in your life, there is one thing you need to work on: your mindset. What do your career, wellness, and personal relationships mean to you? Are you giving them your best? Is anything holding you back? Now ask yourself what you could stand to lose…if you didn’t attend to your well-being, personal life, and career.


By using my signature Sweta.Life Method, where an executive and entrepreneur go through 5 pillars of mindset training, they will:

  1. Use time more productively
  2. Improve their overall well-being
  3. Thrive in their personal and professional relationships
  4. Add to their career longevity and success
  5. Eliminate stress





“In less than 3 months, after having lost more than 10 kg of weight, and feeling a lot more energetic, calm and happy, I am extremely thankful to Sweta for introducing me to the world of healthy living, yoga, ayurveda and spirituality. She is a one-stop wellness guide.” – DR. VIVEK VIRMANI

“Working side by side with Sweta has been a source of inspiration and calm. Amidst the daily chaos and competing agendas, she leads you back to the heart of what makes you feel most well and as a result, most productive.” – Chief Marketing Officer, GRIND

“Sweta has a very soothing and calm demeanor. I always look forward to seeing her. Her yoga classes are very rejuvenating, healing and grounding. I highly recommend Sweta for any and all of your holistic needs. She is a very special person and cares deeply for all she comes in contact with.” – MARISSA BECKETT

“In working with Sweta, I witnessed my anxiety lower considerably and mindset strengthen throughout  the process.” – RISHI SAURABH, Sr. Product Manager, Philips Healthcare


“Sweta your words on mindfulness, gut and brain connection, words we can stand by 3 hours or 5 years later, were so helpful as I think about my practice.” – AMY T. PAUL, Director of Communications, Possible

“Along with her personal touch and approachability, her wellness sessions were a huge help. It was during those sessions that I truly figured out my creative strengths.” – MONA, United Airlines

“Thank you for an amazing, collaborative workshop. Thank you, Sweta, for facilitating and lending your wise, wise words.” – MARINA R

“There are very few people in this world who truly embody their truth – Sweta is one of them.” – MONICA BHIDE, One of Mashable’s top 10 food writers on Twitter

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Sweta for a few months in early 2016. She has a glowing ability to produce the right type of content for the right audiences, especially in her field.” – MATTHEW THOMPSON, Digital Growth Lead, Fluent City

“Sweta does not do a one-size-fits-all consultation. She’s very no-nonsense and grounded as she works, and very easy to communicate with. A great service!” – SHYAMALA DASON, Ex-NASA

“Sweta is a successful creative who understands what writers go through. She’s every writer’s secret weapon.” – DAMARIS LARA, Digital Analytics Consultant


“Sweta has helped me polish my poetry manuscript for submission to publishing houses. She has given me great advice on how to navigate the complex process. She is a warm and encouraging person, always cheering you on.” – RITU SAHEB, Architect-Developer

“Sweta’s enthusiasm for sharing yoga’s healing benefits makes us grateful to have her on our team!” – AMY TOBIN, Director Exhale to Inhale

“Thank you, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, for teaching me balance and perspective, for helping me learn how breath impacts creation and calm, for so generously sitting with me to teach me Ayurvedic techniques.” – REBECCA NISON, Author of If We’d Never Seen the Sea

“Few writers use their unique gift to heal, empower and advocate as Sweta Vikram has. Sweta’s award-winning writing–always daring, smart, and compassionate–directs us to look where we wouldn’t normally.  And her sensitivity and sensibility enable us not only to see the subject of the gaze, but to feel, and to live the experience. She is indeed a rare talent who concerns herself with issues as well as craft.  It has been a wonder to witness her career.” – JUSTEN AHREN, Director Noepe Center, Author of A Strange Catechism

“Thank you so much, Sweta, for such a beautiful emotional and creative journey. You took us into the depths of vulnerability and helped us breathe through it, and I’m feeling so energized to write and create from that place of calm introspection now. Much more to learn, But thank you for your nuggets of wisdom!” – ANJNA SWAMINATHAN

“The combination of writing and yoga at the Panchgani Writer’s Retreat brings together a unique holistic practice, as led by Sweta Srivastava Vikram. Each morning begins with the setting of intentions, warm-ups and then concentrated movement — all of which (not so coincidentally) are fundamental to the work of creative writing! Whether I was on the yoga mat or drafting a poem based on one of the prompts, I felt focused, engaged and confident that my participation mattered. Working with Sweta in these physical and mental disciplines proved transformative. I am grateful for her gentle guidance, warmth and expert knowledge.” – ALLISON McCARTHY

“Studying writing and yoga with Sweta Vikram at the Panchgani Writers’ Retreat was such a joy. At the end of the week, I went through the poems I’d written in class and realized that the yoga Sweta taught every morning had infused my writing in unexpected and amazing ways . . . every single day. I wrote things I never could have written without the loving guidance of Sweta. I feel very blessed to have worked with her and hope to do so again.” – JENNIFER BROWN

“There is much to admire about Vikram, but that work begins from within.  Her passion for mindfulness and balance, combined with her compassion, will ensure that the principles imbued in her coaching will transcend into the work of others.” – SERENA M. AGUSTO-COX, poet, editor, and founder of Savvy Verse & Wit and Poetic Book Tours


“The Writers’ Retreat was much more beautiful and value-adding than I anticipated. The setting was perfect for writing and Sweta’s daily sessions helped trigger a lot of thoughts and ideas. The unexpected bonus was in the yoga and ayurveda experience… while I knew that we need to balance our physical, mental, emotional dimensions, the way to do it through food in simple ways was a new learning.” – PRASHANT SANKARAN, Writer

“During her writing workshops at the Panchgani writers retreat using her special blend of yoga and Ayurveda, Sweta taught me how to nourish myself mentally, spiritually and physically to get the best out of my writing. We started each day with yoga setting our intentions which made me feel very grounded and focused, This truly enabled me to write things I didn’t even know were in me.  I feel very grateful to have met Sweta and very much hope to meet her again.” – VANESSA REES, Writer