Why A Piece of Peace is what you need!

In the world that we live in, everything is uncertain. There is an illusion of control that comes from planning and prepping. But the pandemic has taught us that life has a mind of its own. It happens when you are busy planning it. During this period of mayhem, I wrote my book, “A Piece of Peace.” The book came out on Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

Have you lost someone suddenly?

Recently, a dear friend and a senior from my boarding school died. I was at the US Open with my husband watching the Women’s Quarter finals when I heard about this news. Puneet Monga was, perhaps, the most beloved human being on this planet. He touched so many lives. He held space for every single person he met. If there is one person whom everyone looked up to and loved without a doubt, it was Puneet. Creative, affectionate, witty, kind-hearted, night owl, and so inclusive in how he nurtured the boarding school family and beyond. I can’t wrap my brains around how his wife and mom are dealing with the loss.

How do you find peace in certain situations?

Puneet died of a heart attack in his 40s. He felt uneasy, went for a walk, and collapsed on the sidewalk. That’s how his story ended. A man who uplifted the world…died by himself. He was fit and healthy. Puneet, over the years had become a teetotaler. The joke amongst his classmates was that Puneet would outlive all those who smoked and drank their scotch. No, Puneet died too young. A part of me felt triggered. Why is it always the people who take care of themselves and are good to others that leave us?

Hello, trigger alert!

Puneet’s demise brought up old wounds of my illness and my own trauma. It reminded me of exactly three years ago when I fell critically ill and was homebound for months. I exercised, practiced yoga, ate healthy, meditated, did pro bono work…yet for months in a row, I couldn’t even breathe properly. While those careless with life, humanity, and their bodies … they seemed to thrive.

What I have learned from writing A Piece of Peace

In writing this book,  “A Piece of Peace,” I have learned that one must show up to who we are without any attachment. Just because I took care of my health or just because Puneet was a healthy and good soul, there are no guarantees of longevity. Similarly, those careless with their life, relationships, or health…it’s their journey. Neither is it my job to understand their motivations (unless they are clients) nor is it my place to pass judgment. Embrace mindfulness!

Here is what other reviewers are saying about the book!

Review 1:

“A Piece of Peace gives us tools we can take beyond the pandemic and into our everyday lives. Mindfulness, meditation, Ayurveda, yoga, gratitude, self-care, and of course, keeping our creativity alive, are all ways we can take care of our mental and physical well-being.” Naomi Boshari, Moonchild Magazine

Review 2: 

“A Piece of Peace is a chronicle of events related to Vikram’s illness and her triumphant return to life. She shares lessons learned on her way to recovery and imparts valuable advice to her readers that can both be life-changing and life- saving. Her story demonstrates the victory of valiance over despair. This is a timely read, especially, because many of us are in low spirits due to the Coronavirus.” ~ Anil Shrivastava, TheThinkClub

Review 3:

“A Piece of Peace by Sweta Vikram is the book every woman needs to have by her bedside.  Each chapter is a little piece of magic that is easy to digest after a long day. We can see ourselves in her stories and also gain greater insights into the expectations about a woman’s role in our dysfunctional society.  She guides us with ease from the lows of experiencing health problems, writer’s block and pandemic survival to the highs of loving deeply and stepping into our own power and spirituality. When times are hard, we just need to know that other women feel the same, as a form of self-empathy. I think every woman will see herself in this book and be glad to have read each juicy page.” ~ Amy Wheeler, Director of Training at Optimal State Yoga Therapy School & Former President of the Board of Directors at International Association of Yoga Therapists


Whether you are dealing with loss, struggling with boundaries, fighting creative block, dealing with chronic illness struggles, or feeling low because of the pandemic, there is something for you in this book!

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