Golden Milk: The Ayurvedic drink that’s good for you

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Golden Milk: The drink that’s good for you Growing up in an Indian home, Haldi doodh (turmeric milk)—also known as Golden milk—was something I drank on a regular basis. It’s gained a lot of popularity in the west today because both yoga and Ayurveda have gained visibility and acceptance. But haldi doodh was a staple in most [...]

What foods to eat if you are Kapha

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What foods to eat if you are Kapha Have you been told by an Ayurvedic practitioner that you are predominantly Kapha Dosha or that your Kapha Dosha is imbalanced? Well, we are in Kapha Season, so the latter doesn’t surprise me. Diet, lifestyle, and the season can make huge shifts within us, especially during the pandemic. [...]

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