Ayurveda and Mental Health

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Ayurveda and Mental Health According to the ancient Ayurvedic texts, a person is said to have good health or swasthya (in Sanskrit) when they enjoy a balance of physical and psychological elements (samadosha), of energies produced in the body (samagnischa), and of tissues in the organs (samadhatu) combined with proper elimination of wastes (malakriya), a happy soul (prasannatma), [...]

Introduction to the 20 Ayurvedic Gunas

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Introduction to the 20 Ayurvedic Gunas Have you noticed that on a cold and windy day a cup of warm soup nourishes you? Think of a hot summer day when a non-spicy meal feels good in your belly. Why do sun salutations feel energizing from late winter to early spring? Ayurveda identifies twenty qualities ( Ayurvedic gunas) that [...]

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