As an international, motivational speaker—with training in communications, yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda—I am committed to helping people thrive on their own terms. I have dedicated my career to educating and speaking about a holistic approach to creativity, productivity, health, and nutrition. In the pandemic world, I have started to offer my webinars and talks virtually because we need wellness (across the globe) now more than ever. Authenticity, compassion, and empowerment are at the core of my talks and sessions. The audience is always motivated to take actionable steps after working with me … be it in their relationships and careers, or by discovering who they are, or by understanding their purpose.

As a trusted source on health and wellness, most recently appearing on NBC and Radio Lifeforce, I have worked with the City of New York, various corporate and educational organizations, and other for-profit and non-profit businesses, providing motivational and inspirational insights and helping shift mindsets so people can live a healthy, balanced, purposeful, and enriching life.


“Sweta spoke to my class on zoom just a few weeks after we started lockdown due to covid, as everyone was struggling in the middle of loss and confusion. Sweta’s presentation about Ayurvedic notions and practices of self-care was EXACTLY what my students needed to hear! Sweta met the students right where they were, and helped them work with their stress, anxiety, and grief. They LOVED her! Her talk was the highlight of the class for the students, and many have later shared that it made a difference in their lives going forward.”
~ Ann Burlein, Professor of Religion, Hofstra University

“In March of 2020, our organization looked for ways to support our members through the Covid Pandemic closures and uncertainty. Sweta provided mindfulness and meditation workshops for our members and everyone loved being able to, if only for a few minutes, breathe through and expel the anxiety. We were so pleased with Sweta’s delivery, calm, and true expertise of meditation principles. Members commented on how peaceful Sweta’s voice is. That peace comes from within and is infused into everyone she speaks with. We will definitely include her in future member events.”
~ Gineyda Diaz, Vice-President, The Alliance of Career Development 

“Sweta Vikram is an inspiring speaker who engages her audience with wisdom, clarity and knowledge.  She exudes calmness while discussing thought-provoking issues that can change someone’s life.  Sweta has a warm and welcoming personality that leaves participants wanting more after the conclusion of her presentation.  It is indeed a pleasure to work with Sweta, and we fully endorse her as a speaker and leader.  We look forward to partnering with this consummate professional on future initiatives.”
~ Ralph D. Weaver, Founder and CEO, East West Connection, Inc.

“Sweta is one of the most amazing professionals I have ever worked with. I interviewed Sweta for a social media digital series at Conrad New York Downtown and Sweta was blown away by her poise, confidence in public speaking and knowledge of her work/field. I look forward to working with Sweta in varying capacities in the future.
~ Kara Freedman, Assistant Director of Marketing and eCommerce, Conrad New York Downtown

“Sweta is a phenomenal speaker, she seamlessly blends humor, facts, empathy and grace in every speaking engagement, we’ve worked with her on. She has a warm energy that immediately draws you in and makes you want to listen to every word she says. I highly recommend her for your next speaking engagement.”
~ CEO, DFlash and Host of TheResetPodcast 

“Sweta is a warm, wise woman of substance who is truly committed to giving voice to the voiceless. Her unique background and effortless stage presence make her a wonderful addition to any event.”
~ Georgia Clark, Founder of Generation Women

Sweta draws on authentic experiences and channels her boundless compassion into a practical approach that all can benefit from. Give it a try.”
~ TONY THOMAS, Johnson & Johnson

“Sweta did an Instagram Live Takeover for the Women Creatives Chat community a few months ago. She chatted with us about centering intentional living and self-care rooted in Ayurvedic principles. We were all tremendously thankful for her expansive knowledge and heart-centered approach! She answered an array of our questions on self-care and Ayurveda with tremendous detail, patience and understanding. Sweta is not only an amazing writer, speaker, and Ayurveda + mindset coach, but a generous spirit!”
~ Emelda (“E) De Coteau, Founder, Women Creatives Chat 

“Along with her personal touch and approachability, her wellness sessions were a huge help. It was during those sessions that I truly figured out my creative strengths.”
~ MONA, United Airlines