No Ocean Here bears moving accounts of women and girls in certain developing and underdeveloped countries. The book raises concern, and chronicles the socio-cultural conditions of women in parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The stories, either based on personal interviews or inspired by true stories, are factual, visceral, haunting, and bold narratives presented in the form of poems.

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“The verse in No Ocean Here is a work which carries this quality. These poems move the reader to think, feel, and act – to liberate from suffering and plant seeds of justice and peace.” – Ernest Dempsey, Staugnews.   To read the full review, click here

“Vikram’s work has been described as “sparse and powerful, evoking reflection and a grander examination of the world around us” containing “fresh imagery and delicate linguistic craftsmanship.”- Rajiv Mohabir, Pirene’s Fountain.    To read the full review, click here

“Inspired by true stories and interviews, Sweta Srivastava Vikram’s new work is a courageous, compelling, and compassionate collection, which gives these women a much needed voice against violence and oppression.”- Susan Ortlieb, Suko’s Notebook.    To read the full review, click here

“Sweta’s words hit where it hurt the most — your very soul.”- Sunory Dutt, Postnoon.    To read the full review, click here

“Sweta expressed the real tragedy of aids and its ugly effects in her poem ” Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome ” Today her position is that of hope and commitment to “The beginning of the end of aids. There is always hope and people like Sweta can help change the course of things just by caring and sharing.” – Michell Spoden- The Dawn (film).

“Vikram’s poetry not only provides a story that is easily accessible on the surface, but she also provides themes and hardships that call for closer inspection. In this way, her collection would make an excellent book club pick, which could be even further enhanced by additional materials on the subjugation of women across the globe even today.” – Serena, Savvy Verse and Wit.    To read the full review, click here

“Far more than a chronicle of violence, Ms. Vikram produces light from the darkness not by focusing on the tragic but by honoring the spirit of resilience that often shines brightest in the face of the harshest savagery.” – Craig Kyzar, New York Weekly News.    To read the full review, click here

“Astounding, infuriating, oftentimes uncomfortable, and ultimately uplifting, her poems expose a world of dirty cultural secrets typically shielded from the eyes of outsiders while infusing every word with a relatability that transcends culture and gender.” – Craig Kyzar, Rochester NH News.    To read the full review, click here

“Sweta’s poetry collection is a daring one especially for those who come from South Asia. It’s a bitter reality for many of us and even to some the stories are real within our homes.” – Arun Budhathoki, The Applicant.    To read the full review, click here