Speaker at the 49th International Conference – Ayurveda & Aromatherapy
August 20-21, Online

Self-Care for Writers: When You Want to Write, But Life Gets in the Way!  | Presenter: Sweta Vikram
July 14, Online

Featured Speaker – Ayurveda for Healthy Living
April 22, Saylorsburg, PA, USA

Sweta Bridges Mental Health – Podcast Recording
April 06, Podcast

Community Conversations: Storytelling + Self Care
March 31, Online

Evocative Women’s Fiction – Podcast Interview with Elizabeth Wafler
January 13, Online

Sweta Vikram – S&H Podcast
January 05, Online


How Ayurveda Can Help you Navigate the Holidays
December 13, Forest Hills, NY

Spirituality & Health Magazine – Podcast Interview
November 24, Online

1455 Author Series – A Piece of Peace
November 17, via Zoom

Publishing During a Pandemic – Conversation with women authors
November 17, NYC, Online

1455 Presents: A Conversation with Sweta Vikram, Author of ‘A PIECE OF PEACE’
November 16, NYC, Online

Yoga for your Constitution [Workshop]
November 08, Forest Hills, NY

Spirituality & Health Podcast Conversation | Discussion: A Piece of Peace
October 20, NYC, Online

Media VIP Guest (Jana Short) | Podcast Interview
October 18, Online

Ayurvedic Self-Care and Healing
October 11/14, Forest Hills, NY

Self-first and the bottom line – In conversation with Marjorie Spitz
September 30, via ZOOM

Dealing with Menopause – In conversation with Dr. Soma Mandal
September 29, via ZOOM

Managing post lockdown stress and anxiety with Ayurveda
September 21, Addison Public Library, NYC, USA

Sweta’s talk on Emotional Wellbeing and Mindfulness at Pfizer
September 15, Online

Ayurveda 101
September 13, Online

Swan’s Song – Podcast Interview with Sujata Parashar
September 04, via ZOOM

Interview with TV Asia
August 22, Virtual

Book Club Meet
August 14, Online

How to Manage your Pitta Imbalance
July 23, via ZOOM

LinkedIn Live with Joyce Brocalgia – Executive Women’s Forum
July 22, Online

Intro to Ayurveda – Partnership with Able Aesthetics & Wellness
July 21, via ZOOM

The Importance of Wellness for Writers – 1455 Summer Fest Panel
July 17, Online

Mindfulness workshop for Incarcerated Women
July 01, Online

IG Live with Health Coach Neeta Jain
May 27, Online

Kew Gardens – Poetry Reading
May 01, Online

MM podcast
April 30, NYC, Online

Kew Gardens Streets: Where Art and Poetry Meet
April 25, NYC, USA

Happy Hour with Amanda
April 12, Podcast Interview

GIPN Women’s Leadership: The Pen is Mightier!
April 12, Virtual

Happy Hour with Amanda Younger
March 15, Online

Writing for Peace – Literary Reading
March 14, On ZOOM

Meditation & Wellness Panel – SEEMA Summit
March 14, Virtual Session

Guest Speaker at National Smart & Sexy Day 2021 – ACDN
March 10, Online

#WIPMondays: LIVE with Jennifer Kleeper
February 08, Online

Stress-relief in the New Year Using Ayurveda Tips
January 25, Online


Mindfulness and Ayurveda Workshop
Fall 2020, NYC Highschool

HolyTV’s Faith United
December 15, Online

SEEMA Mental Health for Holidays
December 15, Online

Jivamaya Yoga Wisdom Talks AGING
December 09, Online

Thriving this Fall
November 12, Online Session (Investment House)

Mindfulness & Self-Care for Fall
November 09, Addison Public Library Virtual Session

Ayurveda Self-Care for Autumn – NourishDoc
November 01, Online

How Ayurveda can help you transition through seasons, holidays, and life in 2020
October 30, via ZOOM

Ayurveda for Vata Dosha – NourishDoc
October 17, via ZOOM

Curry Up StartUp Podcast – Live Interview
October 12, Online

Alternate Approach to Creative Writing Using Wellness
September 12 & 19, NYC, USA

Ayurveda Self-Care Webinar for Vata Season – NourishDoc
September 12, Online

Impact of culture on wellness 
September 07, SAYFTY Twitter Chat

Alternate Approach to Creative Writing Using Wellness
September 05, NYC, USA

Mindfulness Session, Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits
August 26, Online

Intentional Living for Creative Professionals
August 25, Live Chat

Ayurveda for emotional well-being and mental health of professionals
August 21-23, Saylorsburg, USA

The Power of Mindfulness
August 13, Live Chat

South Asian Literary Festival, UK
August 11, Online

Podcast with Fully Booked, London
August 10, Online

5 Ayurveda tips to take care of yourself this summer
August 03, Online

Ayurveda for Selfcare – NourishDoc
July 19, Online

Ayurveda for Lowering Anxiety
July 15, FB Live Chat

Yoga and Breathing Exercises: Women’s Prison Association
July 15, Virtual Session

Conrad Hotel Interview: New digital social media series
July 02, NYC, USA

Interview: New digital social media series, Conrad New York

Mental Health Mondays: Life Hacks & Ayurveda
June 15, Online

Life hacks & Ayurveda in partnership with Exhale to Inhale.

Pranayama Workshop
June 13, NYC, USA

SEEMA Happy Hour
June 12, Online

SV Seema 11 jun IMG_5792

Wellness Talk with Acupuncturist Mita Mistry
June 11, IG Live


Stories about our mothers and other women in our families and communities
May 31, Online

kew SV

Mindfulness Sessions – City of New York
May 26 to June 15, Online

Mental wellness and South Asian women: the surprising connections!
May 21, Online


GENERATION WOMEN: Secrets and Scandals: What No One Knows About Me
May 20, Online

SV Flyer iamge

Ayurveda for Mental Well-Being
May 19, On Zoom

Empowering women using ancient healing science of Ayurveda
May 07, NYC, USA


Ayurveda for Uncertain Times
May 07, Online

Meditation Session: Women’s Prison Association
May 05, Online

Women's Prison Association.

Talk on Ayurveda for Stress-Relief and Creativity for Students
April 28, Hempstead, NY, USA

Ayurveda lifestyle tips for this season
April 23, NYC, USA

Untitled Design

Queensbound National Poetry Month Reading
April 18, Flushing, USA


Beat the Stress with Your Breath
April 10, NYC, USA

Beat the Stress

Introduction to Ayurveda
April 09, NYC, USA

Introduction to Ayurveda

Inhale, Exhale with ACDN
April 09, Online

IMG_3856 (1)

How business leaders worldwide can manage the COVID crisis
April 02, Online

Matwaala Poetry Festival
April 01, Stony Brook, NY

Helpful Ayurvedic Tips in the Times of Uncertainty
March 31, Online

SV Ayurvedic

Beat the Stress with Your Breath
March 13, NYC, USA

Beat the Stress

How to take care of yourself through Ayurveda
March 08, NYC, USA

Sweta SEEMA event

‘Beyond Bollywood’ exhibit collaborating with Think India Foundation
February 15 to April 10, Irving, TX, USA

Poem on display: Smithsonian, 'Beyond Bollywood; project.

Beat the Stress with Your Breath
February 14, NYC, USA

Beat the Stress

Writing Workshop at Kew & Willow Books
February 09, NYC, USA


ETI Fellowship – Nourishing the Body & Soul Ayurveda Workshop
February 01, NYC, USA

Learn How to Stay Balanced for Kapha Season
January 12, NYC, USA

Take Charge of Your Life this Summer


Yoga and Ayurveda for the Creative Mind
December 30, Seattle, WA, USA


Story and Curry
December 7, Oakland, NJ


How self-care can boost your productivity!
November 20, NYC,USA

Book Reading & Signing @ Walking Book Fair
October 20, Bhubaneshwar, India

Panchgani Writers’ Retreat
October 20-25, Puri, India

Exhale To Inhale Inaugural Gala
October 17, NYC,USA

Curator and facilitator of wellness conversation at an invite-only women’s entrepreneurial dinner
October 10, NYC, USA

Ayurveda Talk & Corporate Wellness Consultation
October 10, NYC,USA

Learn How to Stay Balanced for Vata Season
October 6, NYC, USA

Learn How to Stay Balanced for Vata Season with swetavikram

NBC Palm Springs interviews Sweta
September 28, Palm Springs, CA, USA


Radio Lifeforce – Radio Interview
September 20, Los Angeles, USA


WFWA Webinar – How Mindfulness Can Positively Impact Social Media Use for Writers
July 25, Webinar

Sweta Vikram Webinar-2 copy

Self-care Tips for Entrepreneurs
July 11, NYC, USA

SV Astoria

Powerbitches Gather: Promoting Your Work With Courage & Authenticity
June 11, NYC, USA

The Power of Positivity – Sayfty Chat on Twitter
June 3, a Twitter chat

image1-4 copy

Take Charge of Your Life this Summer using the Healing Science of Ayurveda
June 1, Jackson Heights, NY, USA


Stress Relief Workshop for Entrepreneurs
May 30, Long Island City, USA


 Breaking Myths: Why self-care is important for writers with Sweta Srivastava Vikram
April 24, WFWA Webinar for Members Only. Watch it here.

SV Event1

Storytelling and Social Media for Entrepreneurs
April 11, NYC, USA


Chai & Chit-Chat along with book reading & book signing at Mango Pickle
April 7, Chicago, USA


“Louisiana Catch” Book Club Discussion
April 6, Chicago, USA

LC book cover

Radio Interview with Cyrus Webb
March 17, Radio Live Stream
Hear it here

Podcast Interview about creativity and wellness with W2O Group
February 25, San Francisco, USA

NML Blog w20


All-female Panel Discussion
November 18, Pune, India

Panchgani Writer’s Retreat (Poetry, Nonfiction, and Yoga)
November 11-18, Panchgani, India

Louisiana Book Festival (Featured Author)
Discussion: Women’s Journeys of Self-Discovery in Fiction
November 10, Baton Rouge, USA


Louisiana Book Festival (Featured Author)
Book Signing, Barnes & Noble Bookselling Tent
November 10, Baton Rouge, USA

Suspense in Stories (Book Signing and Reading)
October 14, Seattle, USA

Be Like Ahana (Book Reading, Signing, Meditation)
October 10, Albany, USA

Book reading & discussion at the Seattle Book Club
October 9, Seattle, USA

Chai & ChitChat along with book reading & book signing at Mango Pickle
September 30, Chicago, USA


Boston Book Club Meet on Skype
September 15

Speaker, BlogHer Conference
August 8-9, NYC, USA

Honoree, Voices of the Year Award.

Detroit Book Club MeetUp
July 26, Detroit, USA

Author Meet and Greet: Book reading and signing
June 27, Illinois, USA

Event 27 Jun

Open Books. A very special evening of book reading & book signing
June 26, Chicago, USA

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 4.58.55 PM

Author Meet & Greet As Part of International Day of Yoga
June 23, NYC, USA

Event 23 June

THIS ALIEN NATION – A monthly celebration of immigration. Storytelling series.
June 13, NYC, USA

This Alien Nation Storytelling Series.

Book Fetish Podcast
May 28

Women of the Other World
May 27, Maryland, USA

SV 27 May

Finding your power: Talk on creative inspiration and female leadership
May 23, NYC, USA

Sunday Salon, a Prose Reading Series
May 20, NYC, USA

Sunday Salon NYC: Prose Reading Series.

Author Happy Hour on Facebook: A video chat
May 17


For the love of our mothers: Book Signing & Reading
May 11, NYC, USA

11 May book launch_KWbookshop

Book Signing & Reading
May 5, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

SV Event 5 May

National Poetry Month – Featured Guest
April 23, Twitter

National Poetry Month – FEATURED GUEST: #LitChat on Twitter.

Take Back Your Power: Panel discussion and book signing
April 18, NYC, USA

april 18 event

Yoga for Healing with Sarah Platt-Finger: Book discussion and signing
April 13, NYC, USA


Planet Women
April 10, NYC, USA

Sayfty Chat on Twitter: Chat on ending sexual assault against women
April 9, Twitter

SV Event April

Creativity and Wellness – Ayurveda & Women’s Health Conference
April 7, Philadelphia, USA

Dew Drops and Words – TV Interview
March 16, Maryland, USA

Social Media for Social Change: Innovative Solutions @ Twitter HQ NYC
March 15, NYC, USA

A reading @ Kew & Willow Books: from the upcoming novel LOUISIANA CATCH
February 11, NYC, USA

Slide1 copy

Power of Self-Care & Personal Space: a Twitter chat
January 8

SelfCare_Sayftychat copy


Ayurveda for Writers & Creative Types
November 11-12, London, UK

Panchgani Writers’ Retreat (Creativity and Wellness workshops)
October 25-November 1, Panchgani, India

NAPW Author’s Night Event
October 23, NYC, USA

Human Trafficking: Reclaiming Freedom
October 7, Washington DC, USA

Event - Human Trafficking: Reclaiming Freedom

QNS Writers Resist @ Terraza Cafe
September 27, Elmhurst, NY, USA

Boundless Tales Farewell (Poetry)
September 14, Long Island City, USA

One-year anniversary of “Saris and a Single Malt”
August 17, San Jose, CA, USA

Sweta Vikram - SAASM California Event Flyer

Women’s Essentials Workshop
August 4-6, Atlanta, USA

Generation Women – a Reading
June 21, NYC, USA

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 4.26.56 PM

Impact of Food & Digestion on Creativity. At Ayurvedas World
June 6, NYC, USA

Transform Your Writing: Writing Workshop for South Asian Women’s Creative Collective
June 3, NYC, USA

Meditation for Writers: At Martha’s Vineyard
May 25, Edgartown, USA

QNS Writers Resist @ Terraza Cafe
May 10, Elmhurst, NY, USA

Ayurveda for Creativity
May 5, NYC, USA

3rd Annual Queens Lit Fest: Featured Poet
April 29, NYC, USA

Pre-Queens Lit Fest
March 24, Long Island City, USA

#GuruChats: Storytelling: A Tale of Conversion
March 15, a Twitter event


World Marketing Congress: Content Marketing Summit & Awards: Speaker and Panelist
November 25, Mumbai, India

EVENT_Content Mktg Bombay

Panchgani Writers’ Retreat (Book reading by various authors from across the world)
October 18-24, Panchgani, India

Panchgani retreat-

Brownstone Poets 2016 Anthology Readings  (Featured Poet)
October 5, NYC, USA

Austin’s Ale House (Featured Poet)
September 28, NYC, USA

Singapore Book Launch of Saris and a Single Malt
August 28, Singapore


Noepe Literary Arts Center
May 18, Martha’s Vineyard, USA

Inspired Word NYC (Featured Poet)
January 14, NYC, USA


Panchgani Writers Retreat (Poetry, Nonfiction, and Yoga)
October 22-29, Panchgani, India

Book launch, Wet Silence (Featured Poet)
September 19, Studio Pause, Virginia

Radio interview with Heirloom Meals
September 16, NYC

Queens Literary Festival (Featured Poet)
August 2, LIC Bar



New York Poetry Festival (Featured Poet)
July 25, Governor’s Island

Queens Book Festival
June 20, Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, Queens, NY

Astoria Bookshop (Featured Nonfiction Reader)
June 18, Astoria, New York

St. Mark’s Bookstore (Featured Poet)
May 26, New York, NY

Armenian Poetry Project (Featured Poet)
April 21, Manhattan, NY

Evergreen State College (Featured Poet)
March 25, San Jose, CA

Brownstone Poets (Featured Poet)
March 7, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Inquiring Minds Bookstore (Featured Fiction Reading)
February 27, Saugerties, NY

Astoria Bookshop (Poetry and Nonfiction Reading)
January 8, Astoria Bookstore, NY


POP-up Bookstore (Poetry and Nonfiction Reading)
November 13, Kew Gardens, NY

REZ Reading Series (Featured Poetry and Nonfiction Reader)
September 18, Queens, NY

Queens College (Poetry and Nonfiction Reading)
June 30, Queens, NY

Queens Council on the Arts (Poetry Reading)
June 27, Astoria, NY

Atlas Reading Series (Featured Prose Reader)
June 26, Queens, NY

May 30, New York, NY

Atlas Reading Series (Featured Poet)
May 22, Queens, NY

Edgartown Library (Poetry Reading)
May 07, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Sunday Salon (Featured Poet)
April 27, Manhattan, NY

Queens Literary Arts (Featured Poet)
April 12, La Guardia Community College, NY

Global Art Project (Featured Poet)
April 2, Queens, NY

Studio PAUSE (Featured Poet and Prose Reader)
March 22, Arlington, VA

Boundless Tales (Featured Author and Host)

March 20, Astoria, NY

Studio PAUSE (Featured Poet and Prose Reader)
February 27, Arlington, VA

Dr. Karen Sherman (Radio Interview)
February 25

Columbia University (Poetry Reading)
February 22, Manhattan, NY

Brownstone Poets (Featured Poet)
February 18, Brooklyn, NY

COFFEED Pop Up Art & Shop (Featured Poet)
February 13, Long Island City, NY

Writers Kaboodle Interview (Featured Writer)
February 6, Twitter

Promoted Campaign for Writers Kaboodle (Featured Author)
January 9


Courage to Change (Radio Interview)
December 29, NY

Literary Mischief with Slash Coleman
November 26, New York, NY

Writers Kaboodle (Featured Author)
November 21, Facebook and Twitter

Poet Laureate Festival
November 9, New York, NY

Kew Gardens Empty Bowls Event (Featured Poet)
October 20, Kew Gardens, NY

Pune Literary Festival (Poet, Nonfiction, and Fiction Reader)
September 20-22, Pune, India

Oak Bluffs Library (Poetry Reading)
September 12, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Musical soirée and benefit for ArtWorks for Freedom
August 10, Washington, DC

The Freed Library
July 2, Houston

Palmetto House in Telfair
June 30, Sugar Land, TX

Sweetwater Country Club
June 30, Sugar Land, TX

The Book Nook
June 29, Sugar Land, TX

Jackson Heights Festival (Poet)
June 22, Jackson Heights, NY

Oh, Bernice! Reading Series (Featured Poet)
May 18, Sunnyside, NY

Cornelia Street Cafe Reading (Featured Poet and Nonfiction Reader)
April 19, New York, NY

2013 Immigrant Heritage Awards (Featured Poet)
April 15, Elmhurst, NY

Book Launch, No Ocean Here
April 6, Brooklyn, NY

SubDrift NYC (Poet)
March 29, Brooklyn, NY

Writerskaboodle, (Featured Poet and Author Interview)
March 21, Twitter

Honey & Poison (Featured Poet and Nonfiction Reader)
March 21, Brooklyn, NY

KAVIhouse – Radio Station (Featured Poet)
March 19, Long Island City, NY

AWP (Poet and Exhibitor)
March Boston, MA

Yippie Museum Cafe (Featured Poet)
March 2, Manhattan, NY

Boundless Tales Reading Series (Featured Non-Fiction Reader and Poet)
February 21, Astoria, NY

FIRESIDE Reading & Live Writing
January 27, Long Island City, NY

January 8, Forest Hills, NY

Jackson Heights Poetry Festival (Featured Poet)
January 8, Jackson Heights, NY

Queens Council on the Arts (Speaker at PLC Orientation Meeting)
January 7, Astoria, NY


Ozone Park Journal Winter Issue Launch (Featured Poet)
Friday, December 21, Sunnyside, NY

November 9, London, UK

Writer’s Workshop & Book Signing (Mouth Full)
November 8, London, UK

Book Launch–Mouth Full
November 3, London, UK



Connecticut Reading (Featured Poet, 1-4 p.m.)
October 13, Middletown, CT

October 2, Forest Hills, NY

Jefferson Market Library (Featured Poet)
August 15, NYC

SAWCC–Her Stories–Queens Museum of Art
August 11, Queens, NY

Greater Astoria Historical Society (Featured Fiction Reader)
June 30, Astoria, NY

Women’s Conference (Panelist)
June 24, Staten Island, NY

BookCourt(Featured Poet)
June 24th, Brooklyn, NY

Queens Art Express–BYOB Reading (Featured Poet)
June 17, Flushing, NY

Brooklyn Poetry Outreach at Barnes & Noble (Featured Poet)
May 31, New York, NY

Queens Library Mail a Book Services for the Homebound
May 1, Meadowbrook, NY

English Scholars Program Conference and Retreat Information(Featured non-fiction educator)
April 20, Hofstra University, NY

Immigrant Heritage Awards (Featured Poet)
April 16, Elmhurst Hospital Auditorium, NY

Boards & Beans (Featured Reader)
March 30, New York, NY

The Empty Bowl (Featured Poet)
March 18, Kew Gardens, NY

Garden School (Judge for Poetry Contest)
March 14, Jackson Heights, NY

Nomad’s Choir (Featured Poet)
March 10, New York, NY

Kundiman & Verlaine Reading Series (Featured Poet)
March 4, New York, NY

Bluestockings Bookstore, Café & Activist Center (Featured Poet)
February 21, New York, NY

Queens Library (Featured Poet)
February 17, New York, NY

Boundless Tales Reading Series (Featured Fiction Reader)
February 16, New York, NY

Hyderabad Literary Festival (Panelist)
January 16 – 18, Hyderabad, India


Kew Gardens Poetry Reading (Featured Poet)
November 5, Kew Gardens, NY

MAPLE GROVE CEMETERY–HOME weekend kick off (Featured Poet)
November 4, Kew Gardens, NY

Freedom Week (Book Launch and Featured Poet)
October 13, Brooklyn, NY

Martha’s Vineyard (Featured Fiction Reader)
September, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Boundless Tales Reading Series (Featured Fiction Reader)
September 15, New York, NY

Forest Park Fair (Local Author)
September 10, New York, NY

St. Columbas (Judge for High School Debate)
August 26, New Delhi, India,

Benaras Hindu University (Featured Poet)
August 25, Varanasi, India

Benaras Hindu University (Featured Speaker–Talk on Gender Differences)
August 24, Varanasi, India

Jadavpur University (Featured Fiction Reader)
August 16, Kolkata, India

Humsafar Trust (Featured Fiction Reader)
August 14, Mumbai, India

Radio Mirchi,Radio Station (Featured Interview)
August 12, Mumbai, India

Landmark, Phoenix Mills (Featured Fiction Reader)
August 12, Mumbai, India

Landmark, Apex Plaza (Featured Fiction Reader)
August 10, Chennai, India

Landmark, Forum Mall (Featured Fiction Reader)
August 8, Bangalore, India

The AtticBook Launch
August 5, New Delhi, India

KGB Bar (Featured Fiction Reader)
July 29, New York, NY

INSTINC (Book Launch–Perfectly Untraditional)
July 24, Singapore

INSTINC (Featured Poet)
July 15, Singapore

Terraza Cafe (Featured Poet, Launch of Ozone Journal)
May 20, Elmhurst, NY

Mood (Featured Poet)
April 26, Kew Gardens, NY

Green Pavillion (Featured Poet)
March 30, Brooklyn, NY



New Bliss Cafe (Featured Fiction Reader)
March 27, Kew Gardens, NY




Garden School (Judge for Poetry Contest)
February 11, Jackson Heights, NY

Brownstone Poets (Featured Poet)
January 18, Brooklyn, NY

Jackson Heights Poetry Festival (Featured Poet)
January 4, Jackson Heights, NY




Song of India
December 05, Singapore

Tollygunge Club
December 04, Kolkatta, India

December 04, Kolkatta, India

St. Xavier’s College
November 29-30, Mumbai, India

Central Library
October 16, Illford (London), UK

St. Xavier’s College
September 16, Mumbai, India

BlogTalk Radio
September 13, New York, NY

August 27, New York, NY

VONA Lounge, University of San Francisco
June 25, San Francisco, CA

San Jose Public Library
June 18, San Jose, CA

April 10, Herdade Da Marmeleira, Portugal


SALA Conference
December 26, Philadephia, PA

West Tisbury Library
October 15, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Beckoning for Change
August 29, New York, NY

Kiva Cafe
August 6, New York, NY

Chili Poetry
July 16, Jackson Heights, NY

Terraza Cafe
July 7, Elmhurst, NY

Jackson Heights Poetry Festival
June 18-20, Jackson Heights, NY

Poetry & Chili Meet
June 17, Jackson Heights, NY

Kriti Festival
June 11-14, Chicago, IL

SAWCC 6th Annual Literary Festival
March 6-7, New York, NY


November 7, New York, NY