The Loss That Binds Us: 108 Tips on Coping with Grief and Loss

The Loss That Binds Us by Sweta Vikram is a helpful guide for grief.

The Loss That Binds Us is a beautifully written grief manual from the heart. When the agony of losing a beloved one strikes, you will find solace, comfort and even inspiration within it. The 108 practical tips help navigate the multitude of emotions brought on by loss. Let Sweta’s guidance help begin your own healing and move on or support someone who is grieving.

“pick up this read and dive in”
“practical suggestions to embrace your grief and live through it”
“heartfelt and vulnerable journey”
“hopeful, gentle, and kind”
“skillfully articulates and normalizes the dark side of grief”

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“For those grappling with profound grief, The Loss that Binds Us is a lifeline in book form. Written with the raw honesty of a bereaved daughter and expertise of a therapist, this book offers a compassionate guide through the often messy landscape of grief.” ~ Mita Mistry for Eastern Eye.
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“Within, you will find solace, comfort, and even inspiration on how to navigate the multitude of emotions brought on by loss. Getting through the period of grief is complicated, whether it is your grief or that of someone close to you.” ~ India Currents Magazine
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“In the book, Sweta Vikram includes a brief but touching account of her own experience of grief with the loss of her parents. Including the definition of grief and distinguishing Anticipatory from Conventional Grief.” ~ Ernest Dempsey, NewsBlaze
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“Vikram’s writing is insightful and authentic, making it a valuable resource for anyone navigating the complexities of loss. The author shares her personal journey, allowing readers to connect with her on a deeper level as they identify, understand, and accept their own experiences of grief.” ~ Veena Rao, NRI Pulse
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“With a keen understanding of the multifaceted nature of grief, Sweta delves into its various dimensions, helping readers identify and acknowledge their emotions with clarity and compassion. Through poignant anecdotes and insightful reflections from her own journey of loss, Sweta invites readers to confront their grief with courage and authenticity, fostering a sense of connection and understanding amidst the pain.” ~ Monica Lofstrom, EGW Global Magazine
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“There is nothing about grief that is easy – whether it is ours or a friend’s. Is there a right way to grieve?  No. Is there a wrong way to grieve?  Yes.  It is my personal experience that allows me to say this. I did everything ‘wrong’ after my partner of 8 years and father of my son was killed in a car accident. I was totally unprepared. I had no understanding of the many emotions that were swirling around and in me. Sweta’s immensely personal and powerful book, The Loss that Binds Us, is an essential book for every household – TWO copies! One for your own library and one for a friend in need. This book will greatly assist those who are in the midst of grieving a loved one; it will greatly assist each of us as we do our best to support a friend who is grieving. Thank you, Sweta, for this beautiful tribute to your Dad and family and for sharing this much-needed wisdom.” ~ Abby Abhaya Geyer, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist; Ayurvedic Health Educator

“The Loss That Binds Us is a delve into the personal exploration of grief that we cannot possibly venture until we have personally touched its rainbow facade.  The connection that Mrs. Vikram offers through her words is a priceless contribution to the fundamentally human part of us that cannot venture grief in solitude.  If you are experiencing the loss of a loved one, or the loss of love in your own heart, then pick up this read and dive in.  You will emerge with a sense of priceless wholeness that we all gravely need in this modern life, bereft of the fabric of community that has long been our human right.” ~ Victor Briere, Ayurvedic Doctor

“The Loss that Binds Us by Sweta Vikram is the grief manual we never knew we needed. Vikram’s work allows you to journey beside her as she faces grief through the sudden loss of her mother and then father years later. She skillfully articulates and normalizes the dark side of grief, which is not always spoken about. Whether you are a fellow therapist looking to better understand the anguish of losing a loved one or a client struggling to find support through your own grief journey, The Loss that Binds Us can provide authentic and actionable ways to cope with the heartbreak.” ~ Alysia SobhrajLMHC

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A Piece of Peace: Everyday Mindfulness You Can Use

A Piece of Peace by Sweta Vikram is a work of power.

How can so much be packed into one small book? This is an autobiographical account of one unique woman’s struggle with near-fatal disease. It is a rejection of discrimination and exploitation, of women in particular. It is the reaching out of a helping hand to other writers, creative professionals, and anyone else who needs a reminder about the role of wellness in their lives. Above all, it is as the title states, a path to inner peace and personal power.

“a must-have for your bookshelf”
“beautifully honest and packed with tips for every day”
“a little piece of magic”
“refreshing and real”

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“Sweta’s writing is tender and compassionate, while also conveying the strength and power we have to change our circumstances.” ~ Naomi Boshari, Moonchild Mag
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“Vikram’s story gives us reason to hope that we too can leverage any adversity that befalls us, overcome it, and come away stronger and better equipped to deal with whatever the future may hold for us.” ~ Mukin Acharya, India Currents
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A Piece of Peace is a wonderful collection of Sweta’s reflections on her journey to healing from chronic illness. Sweta’s bravery and determination to heal is reflected in her words of wisdom, which I am sure many will find empowering. I loved reading this easy-to-follow guide, it is beautifully honest and packed with tips for every day. Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey.” ~ Mita Mistry, Columnist, mindfulness-based cognitive therapist, and acupuncturist

“In A Piece of Peace, Sweta Vikram departs from poetry and fiction to share with readers the roadmap and tools she used to reclaim meaning and quality of life as she dealt with severe and chronic illness and a near-death experience. Beginning with excerpts from the journal she kept during her illness, she adds self-reflection, anecdotes, snippets, observation and advice to describe her approach. “Pain has been my greatest teacher,” she writes. She learns to adjust her expectations of herself and others, to be kind to herself, and build the best life for herself that she possibly can. She skillfully describes the power of her tools: writing (no surprise!), gratitude, positivity, forgiveness, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and Ayurveda. Whether you are well or ill, A Piece of Peace has something for your own quality of life toolbox as well.” ~ Mukund Acharya, Health & Wellbeing columnist, India Currents

“The recipe for being your most creative and productive self is in this book. Through Sweta’s journey of survival she shares the power of mindful living, the value of Ayurvedic healing and how to be the best version of yourself. A Piece of Peace is a must-have for your bookshelf.” ~ Paula Rizzo, Author, Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You

A Piece of Peace by Sweta Vikram is the book every woman needs to have by her bedside. Each chapter is a little piece of magic that is easy to digest after a long day. We can see ourselves in her stories and also gain greater insights into the expectations about a woman’s role in our dysfunctional society. She guides us with ease from the lows of experiencing health problems, writer’s block and pandemic survival to the highs of loving deeply and stepping into our own power and spirituality. When times are hard, we just need to know that other women feel the same, as a form of self-empathy. I think every woman will see herself in this book and be glad to have read each juicy page.” ~ Amy Wheeler, Director of Training at Optimal State Yoga Therapy School & Former President of the Board of Directors at International Association of Yoga Therapists

A Piece of Peace is a chronicle of events related to Vikram’s illness and her triumphant return to life. She shares lessons learned on her way to recovery and imparts valuable advice to her readers that can be both life-changing and lifesaving. Her story demonstrates the victory of valiance over despair. This is a timely read, especially, because many of us are in low spirits due to the Coronavirus.” ~ The Think Club, reviewed by Anil Shrivastava ‘Musafir’
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Mouth Full

Mouth Full is a collection of personal essays and poems chronicling the emotional journey of modern-day immigrants as they move to a new country, assimilate in the culture, and learn a different way of life. Somewhere in all of that movement, the experiences teach them to see the strengths and weaknesses of both the homeland and acquired land. It also raises concern about the socio-cultural issues and racial expectations in the two nations. Told from the perspective of a modern-day Indian immigrant as social questions, observations, and commentary, the essays and poems are funny, bold, sassy, and uninhibited.

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