Content & Social Media Strategist

You have a book or a product or a service. How do you spread the word and connect with your target audience? How do you share your story? How do you best understand which content should be shared when and on which social media platform?

With over a decade of experience in marketing, communications, and storytelling, I have an array of offerings: from helping you create functional content for your website as well as your blog to developing a results-driven social media strategy that will create awareness about your brand/book/artwork/product/services, engage your customers, and influence your target audience to take actions.

Hire me to:

  • Identify opportunities for you to use digital technology
  • Deconstruct best practices for your brand
  • Create powerful strategy for your content
  • Analyze best social media channels for you
  • Help create messaging for social media channels
  • Develop an editorial calendar

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“Not only is Sweta a successful creative who understands what writers go through, she also knows content, social strategy and online marketing. She’s every writer’s secret weapon.” Damaris Lara, Digital Analytics Consultant

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Sweta for a few months in early 2016. She has a glowing ability to produce the right type of content for the right audiences, especially in her field. A talented author and novelist, content came naturally to her as it pertained to writers and creative professionals. She also was great at channeling content across social media channels and adapting based on the platform she was using.” Matthew Thompson, Digital Growth Lead, Fluent City

“Sweta is an expert social-media user herself, and does not do a one-size-fits-all consultation. She’s very no-nonsense and grounded as she works, and very easy to communicate with. A great service!” Shymala Dason, Writer