Does this sound like you?

  • You know something is off —and it’s impacting your productivity at work.
  • You have trouble sleeping at night and your digestion is a bit of a situation.
  • You feel impatient around family and friends, and on some days you struggle to get off the couch.

But you understand that wellness is at the core of your personal and professional success as well as your happiness.

You just don’t know where to begin.

I will be your wellness guide, helping you lead a balanced and wholesome life, using Ayurveda, 5,000-year old ancient healing sciences from India that acknowledges the mind-body connection. Clients often tell me that I’m the calming presence who pays attention to their individual needs without any judgment.

Who do I help?

I help individuals and institutions using Ayurveda-based mindset health and wellness coaching. I work with busy people who are connected to their mind and body and have an understanding of wholesome well-being. They are looking for holistic ways to help make mindset shifts regarding their diet and lifestyle, so they can lower their stress and improve the quality of their overall life.

Where it all began

I grew up in an Indian home where my grandmothers and mother used Ayurvedic healing sciences in their day-to-day lives, and to nurse the sick back to health. They taught me about food combinations, the power of the spice cabinet, cooking fresh meals, and the value of customized healing approaches. My maternal grandfather had a daily yoga practice, which I laughed at as a kid (I’d often make faces at him and try to distract him, to no avail), but in the end he taught me about habit formation, patience, and mindfulness (never too late to eat humble pie!).

Despite my enriched background, daily workouts and healthy eating practices, I was a teenager once and thought my Mom knew nothing. (The era of acne and arrogance!) Hello, illnesses!!! I found myself fighting for my breath in the ER and having to put my life on hold for six months. This real-life emergency helped me see that until we address our emotional and mental wellbeing with the same zest as physical wellness, it’s impossible to achieve good health.

My why

There’s a reason I do what I do — I want to help others thrive on their own terms. I was on the cancer-watchlist, went through a traumatic health journey, but healed and emerged mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger because of Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle tips. My clients call me inspiring, authentic, calming and dependable.

Fun facts

  • I won the same Voices of The Year Award as Chelsea Clinton and NBC interviewed me about reaching a tipping point, staying hopeful, and healing from that place of helplessness.
  • I might be appearing in an upcoming wellness documentary with Deepak Chopra.
  • I’ve authored 12 books, and my 13th book A Piece of Peace, came out in the fall of 2021

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In a nutshell

I’m a passionate wellness changemaker who pays attention to individual needs — be it sleep, anxiety, digestion, appetite or mood. I live in Queens. NY with my husband, books, and several liters of chai. I love my community, and you can find me dropping off food for people when I’m not hiking, practicing yoga, entertaining, reading, shimmying, or writing. Also, my middle name could be “Pad Thai.”

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