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In Louisiana Catch, a grieving daughter and abuse survivor must summon the courage to run a feminist conference, trust a man she meets over the internet, and escape a catfishing stalker to find her power.

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Louisiana Catch perfectly captures what it means to be human in a digital world, where support groups meet online, love interests flirt on Twitter, and people get confused with personas. Equal parts tender and playful, moving and hopeful, Vikram’s prose connects us with timeless truths about grief and redemption in a satisfyingly modern way.” – Stephanie Paterik, Managing Editor, Adweek

Louisiana Catch is a triumph. In Ahana, Sweta Vikram has created an unforgettable character, strong, wise, and deeply human, who’ll inspire a new generation struggling to come to terms with their identity in a world of blurring identities.”
– Karan Bajaj, New York Times bestselling author, The Yoga of Max’s Discontent

“Across the pond, poet Sweta Vikram’s second novel, Louisana Catch is timely in the wake of #MeToo.  A grieving daughter and abuse survivor must summon the courage to run a conference to raise awareness of violence against women. We’re huge fans of Vikram’s poetry, where she deftly handles big themes and issues, and expect no less from this novel. ” – Farhana Shaikh, The Asian Writer

“It is to her considerable credit—and our good fortune—that Sweta Vikram has written a book so appropriate, and relevant for today. Louisiana Catch is not a cynical attempt to follow trends; rather it’s a deeply felt and vividly rendered interrogation of the now (which, in its weird and wonderful way, is at once fleeting and infinite). Vikram has written a humane book about actual human beings, and if that’s not something to savor, and celebrate, in a world that’s increasingly sound-bite sized and ephemeral, I don’t know what is.” – Sean Murphy, Author, Please Talk About Me When I’m Gone

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Out April 10. Pre-order Now!
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Louisiana Catch is perfectly relevant and lovingly bottom lines the urgency to become involved in the feminist agenda. All the while being a deliciously romantic and hopeful story. Sweta proves, yet again, her ability to illustrate all the nuanced layers of a women’s experience and honor her power to create change in the world.” – Pallavi Sastry, Actress (CBS, Blue Bloods)

Louisiana Catch is a compelling read! I was swept into Ahana’s world as she struggles to find a path forward after a turbulent and violent marriage. Sweta raises an interesting question – are we destined to be defined by our choices? Read and find out for yourselves!” –Vandana Kumar, Publisher, India Currents Magazine

“A moving, modern story about letting go of the past in order to find true empowerment. As a longtime advocate of women in need, Sweta Vikram doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. Louisiana Catch deals with the complexities of love, loss, history, and home.” – Georgia Clark, Author, The Regulars

“Utterly unique, insightful and clever. Enthralling and confronting at the same time, Louisiana Catch draws the reader in, and ultimately provides hope.” – Barbara Bos, Managing Editor, Women Writer, Women’s Books

“In Louisiana Catch, celebrated author Sweta Vikram reminds us that violence against women should never be acceptable and it’s not the victim’s fault. The sudden loss of a dear one and a divorce from an abusive marriage force Ahana to emerge from her sheltered life and re-build her confidence to organize the largest women’s conference. While she is determined to help other women, she once again faces love and deceit along the way. Will that help her or deter her from sharing her story of abuse with other survivors?” – Dr. Shruti Kapoor, Founder and CEO, Sayfty

“A very compelling read! I am in awe of Sweta’s ability to intelligently capture, blend, and integrate pertinent psychological issues that face society today.” – Sunita Pattani, Psychotherapist, Author, and Trauma specialist

Louisiana Catch is the story of a woman finding her voice and learning to listen to it. Sweta’s descriptions paint a rich picture, capturing the complexities of relationships, culture, and abuse, drawing you in and painting a vivid picture in your mind. A thoroughly enjoyable read that draws you in.” – Kimberly Campbell, Executive Director, Exhale to Inhale

“This is a powerful story, using the romantic formula to advocate a message the world needs to hear: that it is never all right to abuse women. If you like romances, you’ll enjoy this one. Even if you don’t, you’ll find the story worth reading, for its exciting plot twists, for a look into the culture of India, and above all, for the message it shouts.” – Bob Rich, PhD, Author, Anger and Anxiety

“Kudos to Sweta S.Vikram for penning a powerhouse of a book! This novel is a must-read for women (and for supportive men). I hope she wins an award for this incredible book!” – Susan Ortlieb, Suko’s Notebook

“In Louisiana Catch, Sweta Vikram brings life to the complex human rights issue of violence against women. Through one woman’s journey to make sense of her past and ultimately heal, Vikram shows us that yoga can reconnect us to ourselves, and that by empowering others, we transform our own lives.” – Zoë Lepage, Founder, Exhale to Inhale

“I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a real and raw, compelling story to read. The protagonist will be one you will always remember and this book will constantly be on your mind-yes, it is THAT good. This book is great for readers who are interested in human relationships, social issues, identity, strong woman, the role of fried and healing in shaping our lives and the impact of social media networking.” To read the full review, click here. – Chelsea Lena Girard, Bibliobeautybooks

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