Do you …
• Feel exhausted all the time?
• Have low self-esteem?
• Worry you might lose the next deal or be passed up for a promotion?
• Feel things are rocky in your personal world?
• Catch yourself thinking you are unattractive?
• Second-guessing your abilities as a parent?
• Find it difficult to focus at work or at home?
• Notice you are gaining weight?
• Observe that your performance at work is suffering?
• Struggle with maintaining your productivity?
• Fail—however hard you try—to get rid of certain habits?

That’s okay. BREATHE. BREATHE. BREATHE. Lots of people feel that way.

This is where I come in … Hi, I am Sweta Vikram, and I will help you thrive on your own terms!

As an executive, or an entrepreneur, or just a human fighting against the rushing tide of life, you are constantly crunched for time. You do not have the bandwidth or the experience to take care of your wellness. My work is focused on helping you unlock the best version of yourself.

After working with me, clients After working with me, clients report that they have experienced increased clarity, more fulfillment in their life and work, improved health, enhanced creativity, a boost in confidence, better focus, and greater inner peace. They have these positive outcomes because I provide actionable steps and not just a blueprint using passing fads.

I won’t suggest you start with thirty planks every day or a three-day juice fasts or meditate inside a cave or give up sugar for life. Let’s get real! You are busy, and I respect that. And a life of restrictions is not fun!

For you to be successful and happy in your life, there is one thing you need to work on: your mindset. What do your career, wellness, and personal relationships mean to you? Are you giving them your best effort? Is anything holding you back? Now ask yourself what you could stand to lose … if you didn’t attend to your well-being, personal life, and career.

I have created my signature Sweta.Life Method, where you will build on five pillars of mindset training, after which you will:

1. Use time more productively
2. Improve your overall well-being
3. Thrive in your personal and professional relationships
4. Add to your career longevity and success
5. Eliminate stress


I am an international speaker, best-selling author, and Ayurveda-based health and mindset coach who helps you thrive on your own terms. Featured by Asian Fusion as “one of the most influential Asians of our time,” I am a trusted source on health and wellness, most recently appearing on NBC and Radio Lifeforce. A five-time Pushcart Prize nominee, I am an award-winning author of 12 books, most recently, Louisiana Catch. My work has appeared in The New York Times and other publications across nine countries on three continents. I am a trained yogi, on the board of Fly Female Founders, and hold a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University. I live in New York City and work with clients across the globe—both in person and virtually.

I have worked in the corporate world. I am an entrepreneur. I am a writer. I am a wife. I have faced and overcome health challenges. I understand how life can take a toll on your wellness, productivity, and relationships. I know first-hand what can happen when you neglect your health and well-being. What I’m saying is that I appreciate fully well how demanding and unpredictable life can be. Scarier still: Poor health impacts productivity directly and that negatively affects the quality of your life. You could lose your next paycheck or the next promotion. Your marriage. Your sanity. Your sense of self. Your purpose, especially during these difficult times brought on by the pandemic.

To find out how I can transform your life, schedule a consultation!